Jason and I are officially the parents of a teenager.  Connor turned 13 back in January.  It’s so hard to believe that I’m old enough for a kid to be that old!

Connor is just a great kid.  He’s so very helpful.  He jumps in to help people as soon as he sees a need!  I love it!  He is incredibly intelligent.  He absolutely adores reading encyclopedias and looking information up on just about anything, but more specifically about electronics and weapons.  He’s his father’s son!  He loves to exercise (he especially loves running).  His dream when he grows up?  Join the United States Marine Corps, of course.  DUH!  (And no, that is not b/c we have influenced him.  It’s completely his choice.)

He requested two things for his birthday: 1. hot wings (b/c he takes after me!) and 2. The. Best. Cake. Ever.  Both were just super delicious!  I could eat hot wings just about any day of the week, though.  😉

Let’s jump to the fun part!  Pictures of his special day!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

His very first razor… it was kind of a joke but kind of serious… he’s only used it a handful of times in the last five months. Ha ha.

A Star Wars Lego set… of course!

I’m not sure he’s too happy about this one… ha ha ha!

Binoculars from PopPop!!!

CAKE! This cake was simply divine. Yum.

He really just had a GREAT day hanging out with family, enjoying his gifts, etc.