So here we are on January 4th, 2012.  Where on earth has the time gone!?  I know 2011 sort of disappeared for me because my husband was gone for half of it.  But, we all survived his deployment and are now preparing for a HUGE move to Okinawa, Japan!

I know… isn’t it crazy!?!?!  We’re so excited about this move.  What’s even cooler, is we already know two families there and another couple of good friends are on their way!  So at least we’ll get there and KNOW people! 🙂

So let’s do a little recap on 2011 and tomorrow, I’ll move forward to 2012.

In January, my sweet man left for what would be a 6 1/2 month deployment.

Kylie learned to ride her bike:

I turned 30, 5 different times!  Woot! (1. a surprise from my kids at church. 2. at my Dad’s for hot wings.  3. At my house with some friends.  4. On my actual birthday, more friends came for dinner.  And finally, 5.  At the Melting Pot with some great ladies.  We had a GREAT TIME!)

OH!  And I also painted my dining room while the man was gone!

Much later, some friends came over and put up a chair rail for me so it looks WAY better now! 🙂

We had a few tornado warnings, too, so the kids prepared for that:

And really, let’s just fast-forward to the greatest day of the year…

The day my husband came home from Afghanistan.  It was really the best day.

Such a wonderful day.

The second half of our year was pretty packed with family, trips, friends.  I may even just go ahead and blog about all of that separately!

We had a good year despite being with out the Man for half of it.  Our family is truly blessed.  Now here’s to 2012!!


Happy New Year Everyone!