Sometimes I think people wonder, how do homeschoolers get home economics…  Well, my sweet friends, we get home economics every single day when we clean, cook, etc.

Or take our day back in March (maybe April) when we were helping out our neighbors by taking their dogs out to the bathroom during the day while their owners were at work.

Bettilu, the super cutie pie yellow lab was apparently having stomach issues.  I ran over (not knowing at the time… It’s not like she could call me, you know) to let them out right quick and instantly smelled something, well, nasty.  I look around and Bettilu has had a small (okay, HUGE) bout of diarrhea.  Loverly.  Not only does Bettilu have diarrhea, but see, Betti likes to WALK while she’s using the bathroom.  Every. single. time.  And well, my neighbors were going to be gone for a few hours, so I came home and enlisted my children.

Think they’re ready?  (giggle)