It didn’t take long for the seeds in my hanging pots to start sprouting!  I’m so excited!

My garden's really taken off! In just a month, my pansies must have doubled or tripled in size!

The sprouts you see here aren't weeds, but rather humminbgird/butterfly flowers. I can't wait until they grow nice and tall and attract tons of butterflies! Last year, we had butterflies GALORE!

Here you see that I'm starting to see some corn, broccoli and bean sprouts. YAY! The broccoli and corn may be hard to spot at this point. 😉

Not too much is happening here. There was some lavendar sprouting and I think that's about it at this point. Oh and the pepper plants that I started inside. 🙂

Now let’s take a quick little tour of my neighbor, Lacee’s, garden.

Her poor palm tree and ROCKIN violas!

Her "good" palm tree and more beautiful flowers.

Pretty pink crocus.

Beautiful yellow iris.

And that’s all she wrote, folks!  I hope you enjoyed our little garden tour. 🙂