My neighbor, Lacee, and I are constantly craving seafood.  We just LOVE IT!  So one day, last week, I went out and purchased a dozen blue crabs for the two of us to dig into…. and dig in we did!

First, you must boil the crab in water, your spice blend of choice and garlic.

Then you smile at the cooked crabbies before you start breaking them apart.

Then you rip the legs off.

Then you remove what's called the, "pistol". (Only on male crabs, though)

You rip off the top shell

Make the kids eat sandwiches and microwaved fries and watch you from afar eating delicious crab.

Clean off all the "deadmen" or lungs. Apparently, if you eat them, they'll make you very sick. Who knew? Well, I mean, Lacee did. Ha ha.


Dig the meat out, moan at its deliciousness, and here's what you're left with. Crab skeleton. 🙂

Have pity on said kids and give them some crabbies to enjoy too. 🙂

Seriously?  That was some super delicious crab meat.  I can’t wait to do it again!