My man left to fulfill his duties as a United States Marine.  Where I’m sad that he’s gone, I am filled with joy knowing that my man is over there protecting us and our freedoms!  I know God will bring him home!

On January 23rd, we brought him to the base so he could ride the bus to another base and fly, fly away.

Here's Jason and Kylie relaxing on the couch before we had to leave.

Connor's just hangin' out and reading.

I love him.

And miss him...

My family is so silly!


The man filling out his tags for his gear.


Jason and the boys carrying his gear to the truck.

One last photo... :'-(

So then… We come home…  It takes all I have in me to not shed heynormous amounts of tears.  I do have kids watching me, you know… and leaning on me for support.  I have to be strong!  Anyway, so I take the kiddos to church for Awana.  While we’re there, I get a call.  “Hey, we’re not leaving until tomorrow.  I’ll need you to pick me up in about an hour…”  UH… YAY!!!!

What I find so much more special about this, is that my sweet little Kylie-bug told me, “Mom!  I prayed that Dad wouldn’t leave today and we’d get him for one more day!!!”  Thank you so much, Jesus, for granting my sweet little girl’s prayer.  I can’t tell you how much that blesses ME!  She was over the moon, excited!

So then we prepared the next day.

His bus

Him leaving for his bus. 😦

A lil' close up.

That day went smoothly… though hard.  Well, it went smoothly AFTER my van battery died and I had to have it jumped…. There was a SWEET woman there who helped me get someone to come jump me… all while she’s crying and waving good bye to her husband.  So sweet, she was.
We immediately came home and made countdown posters!  YAY!

So far we've marked off 58 days! YAY!!!

Jason, your family loves you so much.  We know you NEED to be where you are right now for your job.  We support you 100%!  And we just can’t wait for your wonderful return!  🙂