How’d that even happen?!?!?!  😦  I mean… seriously.  TWELVE!

We did celebrate his birthday a bit early.  Grandparents were here the first week of January, so we went ahead and celebrated with them!  We really enjoyed it!

"I'm ready to open now, Dad!"


I don't think he's happy about that... AT. ALL.

I can't remember what book that is... Maybe Harry Potter 3? 4?

His very own dart board (that I still need to put up...)

A way cool basketball game that goes over the door AND keeps score for you! 🙂

Just this past weekend, he received his gift from PopPop - a pocket knife. His first. Woah!

PopPop explaining how it's used and how to use it SAFELY.


Again, this kid doesn't look thrilled, at all, that it's his birthday!

Good job, Connor!

Overall, I’d say he had a REALLY AWESOME birthday!  I’m really not looking forward to next year’s 13th birthday.  Blah blah blah… teenager… blah blah blah.