You know how everyone (especially in the south) DREAMS of a white Christmas?  Well, everyone but me…  We were SO close to having one this year!  Instead, we got a white day-after-Christmas!  Ha ha.  Then we got more snow again in January.  We actually got a lot!

So, Jason and the kids went out for snow angels and snow ball fights.  They had a blast!

Jason's prepared to brave the cold, cold snow.

Connor's um snow get-up?

I think Zachary's ready!

Jason and Kylie


Well, hello there hot stuff... 😉

Kylie making her snow angel. 🙂

Our snow covered house.

Jason and the kiddos exploring the woods.

My family really enjoyed this day.  I stayed inside where it was nice and warm.  🙂  But I am SO glad they had so much fun!  It’s not often we get enough snow to play with down here in Eastern NC!