And I have a lot more to go!

I think I’ve made MAYBE 5 real meals out of 18…  My poor kids.  Ha ha ha.

I think I’ve moped around here every single day since he left.

I think I WANT to get out of this mopey mood and move on, but it’s so hard!

I think I want people, my dearest friends, to know that I don’t mean to whine, I just feel heartbroken right now.

I think I want to know how to lean on God but I’m having a hard time doing it right now.

I think I feel so much worse for the women who do this every single year or even every other year.  I love all of you, even if I don’t know you.  And I’m committing each of you to prayer from now on.

I think I never knew it would hurt this much.

I think we’ve cleaned the house twice in 18 days.

I think I’ve made my bed once.

I think I’ve gone to bed before 11 once.

I think I know that I will lean on God and He WILL get me through this and we’ll be better people, a better couple, a better family once he returns.

I think I know that MY plan isn’t always GOD’S plan.

I think I know that God’s plan is absolutely always perfect.

I think I know I love my man.