I personally think the kids had a pretty fantastic Christmas.  🙂  They seemed genuinely surprise and excited about every gift.  That just makes my heart HAPPY!

I think this would be Connor's most favorite gift from us... His very own Red Ryder BB Gun. Don't shoot your eye out! Or something like that...

This would DEFINITELY have to be Zachary's favorite gift from us... A voice recorder... if you know Zachary - you know that this is the PERFECT gift for him. 😉

I think this loom is Kylie's favorite... since she's learned how to do it, she can't stop! It's great! 🙂

So then…  we laid the big gift on them.  We’ve never done a big family gift before, but I’ve always wanted to get the kids one of these.  It’s such great exercise, and for kids, it’s like super fun, man! Ha ha.

Jason told the kids now that they’re done opening gifts, they had to go outside and pick up the yard because it was dirty.  Here is what they found:

All three of them LOVED it. L.O.V.E.D. it! 🙂

Later that day, we trekked on over to my dad’s house for a few more gifts and a DELICIOUS prime rib dinner.  Yum.

You know, my dad thinks of the coolest gifts for the boys.  He went out and purchased their very first….


Kylie really made out, also.  She received from both her Aunt Jamie and her Grandma Kate, lots of crafty things…  friendship bracelet kits using beads and threads…  Grandma Kate also got her a few clothes:

And to end our Christmas posting…  Jason’s parents came this past week from 1/2 to 1/6.  They brought the kiddos gifts down with them … so basically, the kids had 3 Christmases! 🙂

Here are my personal favorites:

Grannie made the boys Harry Potter sweaters... though w/ their initials instead 😉

And then she made Kylie and her American Girl doll matching sweaters... Kylie was SO excited!

I really do hope all of you had a very blessed Christmas in 2010!  ❤ Tawna.