8 years old… Sigh.

We actually started her birthday off on the 26th (the day after Thanksgiving) because we had lots o’ guests and I thought it’d be nice for lots of people to sing happy birthday to her and partake in her birthday gift!  So that’s what we did!

The following day, Saturday the 27th, was her actual birthday.  We started off by opening presents:

A super cute fluffy purse filled w/ Littlest Pet Shop animals. 🙂

She mentioned to dad, at some point, that she’d REALLY like to go bowling for her birthday… so that we did!

See that girl to the right? Barely? Yeah... that was apparently the only picture I got of Kylie. Yes... I get the worst mom of the year award... What. ever.

I think all in all, Kylie had a REALLY GREAT birthday!  I just love that girl! 🙂