I can’t believe my baby is in the double digits!  Where has the time gone?!  It feels like I just went into labor with him yesterday.  Well, emotionally/mentally, anyway.  Certainly not physically.  Ha!

We started off our celebration w/ presents!

Connor modeling Zachary's gift? Notice that the birthday says "8th"... Jason was being funny. Ha ha ha.

Zachary was SUPER DUPER excited to FINALLY get his VERY OWN xBox 360 controller!

He was probably thinking something like, "Really Dad? I'm not 9 anymore!" Lol

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Star Wars Legos!!! Ha ha ha. This face cracks me up!

Oh oh oh!


So then we moved onto cake.  It was a spice cake w/ cream cheese frosting.  I felt rather creative when I made some of the frosting yellow to put in between the layers, then green frosting to go on the top and sides…  Then I made blue frosting to write with.  It was quite colorful!

I don't think he got them all in one shot... but that's okay.

The next morning at 0-dark-30, we set off on a trip that we had been planning for a few weeks.  The NC Zoo is pretty awesome, because if you’re a homeschooler, you can call 2 weeks ahead of time and get free tickets for one teacher/parent and all of the school aged children.  Zachary had asked Dad if we could go to the Zoo for his birthday… well, we made it happen! Zachary was SOOO stoked!  2.5-3 hours later… we arrived:

We saw some elephants.

Some rhinoceroseses

I hatched some children

Saw some beautiful scenery

Saw some baboons....



I'm pretty sure this is a bobcat

Go. Ril. La!


We were kinda bummed b/c the lion was sleeping 😦

We also saw some ostriches,


and finally, some giraffes.

We did see a LOT more… but really, this post, itself, would be 10 pages long if I shared every single picture.  😉

I think Zachary had a wonderful birthday!  We sure did have a lot of fun celebrating it! 🙂