My dear, sweet Jason had this wonderful idea of digging a fire pit in our back yard.  Isn’t that GENIUS?  Who needs to spend money on a manufactured fire pit from the store when you can just DIG one!  It’s free.  And it’s permanent… unless, of course, you fill it back up w/ dirt.  Ha ha.

Anyhoo, isn’t this cool???

It was so nice in the month of October.  It wasn’t too hot, it wasn’t too cold… it was just the perfect weather.  Because it had cooled down some, though, I was able to plant a boat-load of pansies!  I seriously heart those flowers!  They make me happy. 🙂  Anyway, here are some updated pictures of my garden areas. 🙂

Anyway.  Thanks for stoppin by to take a look at my garden!  I really really love doing it.  I love driving home and seeing my flowers and plants staring at me as I pull into the driveway and walk to my door. (giggle)