That’s my goal over the next few days.  I have SO many blog posts and SO many pictures in my head/on my computer that I’ve been meaning to share; I just haven’t sat down to document it all.  So let’s start with Jacksonville Bible Church’s very first game night!

Let me tell you, that was SUCH a BLAST!  On October 15, ’10, we had a FANTASTIC game night!  We must have had 30 board games sitting around ready to play.  The kids dug in right away.

The first blonde boy was a guest of Travis (w/ the blue dress shirt on), then there's Gabe and the two boys hiding behind them all are Alex and Brian.

Starting from the man w/ the gray hair: Ben, Beth, Earl and sweet little EO (Gio).

Dark haired, blue shirt boy: Connor, then Zachary, then Caroline and then Alex.
I miss my Delaney. Isn’t she so super cute?
Sweet little Naomi.

Then, once all of the adults got to the church, we broke out in a game of Taboo (boys vs. girls).  I’m pretty certain the girls won.  Just sayin’.

We're gettin' ready to start...

Pastor Ben B. and Audrey H.

We're all concentrating on the words and descriptions being called out so we can guess that Taboo word!

We really had such a wonderful time.  I hope we do this again soon!!