I’ve always loved being a part of a Secret Sister type activity.  Every year on a discussion board I frequent, we do just that.  This year, a lady Christy, near the Charlotte area blessed me immensely with some VERY thoughtful gifts!  I feel so loved!!!

First, my packaged arrived just before 11 am. I was so super excited!!!

I opened the box to find some really pretty purple tissue papered gifts! There were so many things, I didn't know where to begin!!!

Look at all those presents! Let me tell you, the smell was FANTASTIC!!!

Look at how pretty this bracelet is! This was in the green and red box. Love it!

So here we have a handpoured candle with a macaroon scent, 2 packets of beautiful seeds for my garden in the spring, a goldish bag of some kind of herb or something that I'm not sure about (Christy!?), a tea bath soak that smells divine, a hand-knit dishcloth, 2 handmade bath soaps (one citrus and one lavendar) and a piano CD by Stanton Lanier!

Christy… Dear, sweet, Christy!  You have blessed me immensely this Christmas season!  Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart!

Love, Tawna