I get into these kicks where I post and post and post and I can’t get enough posts made!  It’s like I constantly have ideas of things I want to post about…

Then… WHAMMO!  I got nothin’.  Ha ha ha!

I do have some pics and things to document the last couple exciting outings or events, though.  Like, Zachary turning 10 and Kylie turning 8.  [How did that even happen???]  I’d kind of like to show off my pretty garden and new fire-pit that Jason dug into our back yard.  Jason and the kids exercising… You know… all the fun stuff!  🙂

So an update of us…  Well, I’m not sure what to say at this point?

Jason and I have been “trying” for more children for about 21 months.  I’ll be quite honest, it’s been very trying on my heart and patience.  I do want to clarify:  when I say trying, I do mean that we’ve given our family size completely to God.  We’re not doing anything different than before, except we’ll never stop God from blessing us again.  I hope that’s explained properly.  Anyway, my point was, it’s gotten easier as each month passes w/ a negative test.  But I do know the Lord has a plan for our family.  It may very well not be what I thought it would be.  It is clearly not happening when I want it to happen.  But everything God does is perfect.  So if or when we are blessed with more babies, it will be God’s perfect timing.

It’s been super busy over the last few months.  We’ve all of the sudden got super connected with our church family and it’s been absolutely wonderful!  We’ve made some awesome, lasting relationships over the last few months!!

I’ve also become the baby shower coordinator/thrower for our church and since July, I’ve already thrown THREE!  And I have like 15 more to go!  Ha ha.  Okay, that’s a falsehood, but I do have a lot!  I’m super excited!  It is SO much fun to get to know the mama’s and throw a party geared towards them and celebrate their newest blessing to come!

Schooling has gone really… well…  slow.  HOWEVER, Jason leaves in January for six months and the kids and I can be completely diligent without any (hopefully) interruptions.  I’m praying we can complete our school year prior to Jason’s return so we can enjoy his presence once again without guilt.

I have to say, I’m so not as confident as I was before about Jason leaving.  I’ve been very spoiled rotten in that Jason hasn’t been gone for a long period of time since 2001-2002.  I start to get teary eyed at the thought of him leaving and then remind myself he hasn’t even left yet… “Get a hold of yourself, Woman!”  Ha ha ha.  I won’t lie; I am going to miss him so very much.  😦  But, it’s the life I chose when I decided to marry him, so I’ll do so with grace!  And honestly, there is no way on God’s green earth I can do this without His almighty strength.  I’ll be leaning on Him every single step of the way.

And so to end this post on a good note…  That sweet husband of mine and I will be celebrating our ELEVENTH anniversary on Thursday!  I am so thrilled and more in love now than I was when we married just 11 years ago!

P.S. Stay tuned for more posts updating on our life – but with pictures!