In my previous post, you’ll notice I mentioned having planned out roughly two months worth of dinner menus.  So, I thought I’d take the time to share them.  🙂

Month 1

  1. pot roast, carrots, potatoes
  2. chicken enchiladas, rice, corn
  3. paninis, chips
  4. spaghetti, salad
  5. chicken pot pie
  6. chili, rice, cornbread
  7. chicken kiev, rice, broccoli
  8. pizza, wings
  9. London broil, baked potatoes, salad
  10. chicken and dumplings
  11. ravioli, salad
  12. roast chicken, potatoes, carrots
  13. tacos, rice, refried beans, corn
  14. ham, macaroni and cheese, broccoli
  15. porcupines, egg noodles, green beans
  16. chicken and rice soup
  17. chicken fried steak, mashed potaotes, salad
  18. pancakes, eggs, ham, bacon and fruit
  19. tajine (chicken, potatoes, carrots, bread)
  20. lasagna, salad
  21. ranch style chicken, new potatoes, salad
  22. shepherd’s pie
  23. mustard chicken, rice, broccoli
  24. tuna melts, fries, cauliflower
  25. fajitas, rice, corn
  26. chicken tortellini soup
  27. meatball subs, salad
  28. chicken fingers, macaroni and cheese, salad
  29. beef stir fry, rice
  30. chicken parmesan, salad, pasta

Month 2

  1. tacozagna
  2. broccoli/cheddar/potato soup
  3. mandarin orange chicken, rice
  4. beef stroganoff, egg noodles, cauliflower
  5. steaks, potatoes, broccoli
  6. bbq chicken, mac & cheese, salad
  7. taco soup, chips
  8. chicken scampi, angel hair, asparagus
  9. baked ziti, salad
  10. fish fry, fries, salad
  11. chicken vesuvio, potatoes, artichokes
  12. summer skillet
  13. italian chicken, rice, corn
  14. garbage plates
  15. burgers/dogs, mac salad and potato salad
  16. chicken & sauce, rice, broccoli
  17. stromboli
  18. flautas, rice, corn
  19. Turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole
  20. whole fried chicken, rice, salad
  21. sausage sandwiches and ???
  22. balsamic glazed chicken, potatoes, salad
  23. cheese & prosciutto stuffed chicken, rice and cauliflower
  24. gumbo
  25. chicken stir fry, rice
  26. tortilla soup
  27. chicken kabobs, potatoes, salad
  28. honey chicken, rice, salad
  29. meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans
  30. cilantro pesto chicken, rice, salad

And that’s that, my friends!  I’d love to add more to my menu but at the same time, I think 60 days worth of food is pretty fantastic.  Plus, there are some meals we could eat every other week if you let us!  LOL!  I’ll keep you updated on my year long grocery list!  Happy eating!