Woah! Who’duh thunk it? Not I! Okay, seriously. I was talking about Costco on Facebook the other day and a friend from church mentioned an article she read. You know, I should go look for it. Be right back. 😉

Okay, I can’t find it. But I did ask my friend, Beth, and will wait for her reply.

In the meantime, I’m actually considering trying this come tax time. We always get a decent refund, so I’m wondering if I can pull it off.

So that day, I set out to find 60 meals. I must have been having a SERIOUS blond (nevermind that I’m not blond) moment because I was thinking, “So I’ll have 60 meals, that’s 3 months… so I’ll just need each meal 4 times.” Apparently our months have decreased from 30ish days to 20… Uh huh. When I finished finding/writing down the 60 dinner meals, I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out why 60 x 4 didn’t equal 365 days.

Yeah. I didn’t graduate with honors, people. Jason, “Um… b/c 60 days is only roughly 2 months, not 3, Tawna.” Tawna, “Oh. Yeah. Don’t worry. Your kids are being taught well, honey.” Ha ha ha.

So altogether I have 60 meals planned out. That’s roughly two months. Now I just need to go through the logistics: grocery list planning, lunches, dinners, extras (breads, appetizers for when we have company, desserts, holidays, etc). I have a binder. I have dividers. I just need to get-er-done! 🙂

Stay tuned for the two months worth of menu plans. 😉