So on the Friday of our visit, we went to Six Flags – Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ.  We had a BLAST!  The kids rode so many rides… I’m sure they were WIPED by the time we left.  🙂

Our first stop was the ferris wheel.

Then we hit up the kiddie rides.  I’m thinkin’ the kids might be a LITTLE too big for these rides…

It may look like Kylie's freaked out a bit by this little roller coaster (the kid one), but she was really loving it

Uncle Roy and the kids enjoy the swings:

I guess I didn’t really take a whole lot of pictures at the park.  It’s hard to keep the camera out when you’re trying to enjoy the park yourself.  We really had a great time, though!  The kids all rode some roller coasters (they were mild) and had a BLAST!
Thanks again, Jamie and Roy, for your hospitality and a GREAT week!