My dad was raised in Point Pleasant.  I haven’t been there in years before this trip to NJ.  I was so excited to go back!

It’s kind of funny, though, because I kept saying how much I loved PPB, NJ… but in reality, I hadn’t been there as much as I thought.  My dad brought my family to NC from CA back in 1985 and my grandfather retired from the Presbyterian Church Pastoral position in 1989… so that was really only 4 years of going to NJ and I was only 4-8 years old (my grandfather relocated to PA after he retired).  Ha ha ha!  But what I do remember from that area, I LOVED!

So the Wednesday of our trip to NJ, we all went to Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.  Our first stop was the house my dad grew up in and the church (right across the street) his father preached in.  (You know… if the past tense of teach is taught, why isn’t the past tense of preach praught?)

My grandparents house

My PopPop's church

So then we made our way to the beach.  Here in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, they have one heck of a boardwalk!  It was REALLY awesome!  It was equipped with rides, games, restaurants, shops…  Man I was wowed!

And one more thing…  the beach is privately owned.  Seriously?  WHO PAYS TO GET ON THE BEACH!?  Ha ha ha ha.  Obviously New Jerseyans.  It cost $20 for my family to sit on the beach and touch the water.  Unbelievable.