Jersey City, NJ has the COOLEST Science Center!  The kids, Jason and my sister in law, Jamie, really enjoyed it!

The first exhibit we hit up was the Skyscraper exhibit.  We had a lady who was quite eager to teach us, though she wasn’t as eager to get her photo taken.

In hindsight, her comment (in pretty broken English) was rather funny.  “Ma’am, having my picture taken is against my religion.”  I said that wasn’t a problem, I was taking a picture of my children, not her.  Then she laughed, “Well, it’s not really against my religion, if you know what I mean” *wink wink*.  Uh.  It wasn’t until my husband brought it up later, “You know what she meant, right?”  Me – “um… no?”  “It’s PROBABLY because she’s an illegal immigrant…  Bwahahaha!  Oh that just makes me laugh.

You’ll forgive me if I don’t remember all of the info we ‘learned’ at this particular exhibit…  I am getting old, you know.

Zachary walking on Skyscraper beams

Connor got a little scared once he was up there.

Jason had a go too!

We really had a lot of fun at the Science Center.  I have some other pictures but these are definitely my favorites – and this was my favorite exhibit!  Maybe if I have time later, I can post more pictures of the Science Center.  🙂