I didn’t take a TON of pictures on our way up to New Jersey, but I did get a few.  I love traveling!

The kids love traveling just as much as we do!

The handsome driver...

I guess Richmond is too lazy to come up w/ the name of the Blvd... so let's just call it Boulevard adn call it a day! Ha ha ha.

Those po white people...

So…  The last time we traveled up north, we decided to take 95 through Washington D.C. just to try it out.  Do you know, it was actually faster to go that way than it was to hop onto 695 or whatever that interstate was?  Seriously!  So here are a few snapshots of what we saw:

I think that's the Jefferson Memorial?

The Washington Monument

What a good trip we had up to NJ.  Now the trip back?  Let’s not discuss that, k? 😉