YUM!  Doesn’t that sound delicious?  Oh believe you me, it WAS!

A few months ago, I purchased a Williams and Sonoma cook book.  I’ve been dying to try it out but just haven’t really looked through it.  Well, I finally took the plunge!  This chicken with mustard sauce was DIVINE!  But let’s start w/ the potatoes.

I used about 10-12 red potatoes.  This recipe is so easy peasy, let me tell you!  Preheat the oven to 400*.   Chop the potatoes into cubes…. like home fries.  They don’t have to be pretty, I promise!

See how unpretty those potatoes are?  There’s no need for perfection, here folks!  All you’re gonna do is roast ’em and eat ’em.

So once you’ve chopped the potatoes, go to town on some fresh parsley.  I cannot reiterate enough how you HAVE to use fresh parsley.  It’s imperative.  The taste is WAY different from dried parsley.  And honestly?  Parsley is so accessible these days!  I think I spent 50 cents on one bunch!  That’ll last me at least 2-3 meals!

So, chop chop chop!

See this mixture?  It doesn’t look too beautiful does it?  Maybe not, but it TASTED delicious!  SO in this bowl is:  extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, parsley, garlic, salt and pepper.  That’s it!  Voila!

Once you have that nice and mixed together, pour over the potatoes.  And here’s where you get your hands dirty.  Jump in and mix w/ your hands.  In all honesty, I can never seem to stir big items like this very well with a spoon.  I like to FEEL that everything’s covered in its mixture.  You know what I mean?

Once you’re done mixing this all together, pop into your oven for about 30 minutes.  I would start checking around 20-25 minutes to see if they’re fork tender.  You can even have them go longer than 30 minutes if you want them to start to brown and get crispy, which I do but didn’t do for this particular batch.

Anyway, you’ll see the end result at the end of this post!

And here we have the cast of characters for the chicken in mustard sauce.

For our family, 4 big boneless, skinless chicken breasts work out just fine.  Then we have heavy whipping cream, a bottle of white wine, a shallot and whole grain mustard.  There’s salt and pepper too, but I figure that’s implied and I don’t have to take a picture of that.  😉

The first thing you want to do is chop the shallot.  I chopped it pretty small.  I don’t like big chunks of onion in my sauces.

Next you want to clean up the chicken.  Cut any excess fat off, cut out the blood vessel, maybe pound it out a bit for more evenness among the breast…

The next thing you want to do is put a casserole dish in the oven to heat up while you cook the chicken.  That way hot chicken isn’t going into a cold pan.  So stick a casserole into the oven underneath the potatoes.

Then we’ll heat up about 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of butter on about medium high heat.  Once the butter is hot and bubbly, put the liberally salted and peppered chicken breasts in the pan and brown off on each side.  When each side is browned, throw it in the casserole dish to finish off and stay warm whilst you make the sauce.

When you’re done with the chicken and it’s in the oven, toss in the shallot and cook until just translucent.  Make sure to salt and pepper the shallots!

Oh man I can just smell it right now…

When the shallots are done, we’re going to deglaze the pan with about 1/2 cup of white wine.  Use the real stuff, please!  It DOES make a difference!  I promise!

You’ll want to simmer this for a couple of minutes until it reduces down to about 2-3 tablespoons.  Then you’ll get this delicious concentrated wine flavor.  Oh man, I’m salivating!

And finally we’re going to add in the heavy cream.  Eyeball about 3/4 to 1 cup of heavy cream.  You’ll want to simmer this until it thickens up.  Yum yum.

Once the cream is thickened, add in three tablespoons of the whole grain mustard and mix well.

Simmer for just another minute or so and voila!  You’re done!  See how easy that was?

There were very few ingredients, all whole foods – so good for you, and BONUS!  It’s pretty dang good!

And here we have our whole meal!  SO delicious!

If you try this out, please please let me know!  I’d like to know if you found it easy and/or tasty!