*I’m so excited to have finally moved into our new home.  We’ve been here for about 2 weeks.  It’s been pretty fantastic.  Jason and I often sit on the couch at night when the kids are in bed and think, “Wow.  This is OUR home.  Thank You, Father, for blessing us.”

*We are very nearly unpacked.  Actually – every room in the house is unpacked…  the garage just needs a little work.  🙂 

*We have met and made friends with our most fantastic neighbors!  I’ve really been enjoying their company!

*My two youngest have had their first encounters with ticks.  Not exactly my favorite, but life goes on.  🙂

*I’ve become the baby shower coordinator for our church!  I’m SO stoked about this!  And my first shower?  In less than two weeks.  YIKES!  It’s for my very dear friend, Letty, and I haven’t even begun!  I heart you Letty!

*I’m not so sure there’s much more to update you on?  We are loving life in our new home, as a wonderful family, loving our wonderful church family and our wonderful new neighbor-friends.  What more could we ask for?

Happy 3rd week of June!