… until we move.  Jason had the morning off today so we ventured over to the new house to take another looksy.  I just want to be up to date on what’s going on, you know?  Make sure we’re keeping tabs on the house and that things are being done properly. 

So we went and took pictures today.  But they put the pesky lock box on the door handle.  The only reason we were able to go in was because someone left the front door open.  Good thing they had that lock box on, huh?  LOL!

So basically, the only new things in the house are ceiling fans.  LOVE them!  The boys have a REALLY awesome fan in their room.  We were really blessed to have a little extra leeway in the light budget to buy this for them.

And before you throw stones at us for not getting an equally cool fan for the girl…  she’s going to get to paint her fan when we paint her room.  She is SO excited!  🙂

Here we have the living room’s fan.
The boys’ totally awesome ceiling fan…
Our Master Bedroom Fan
And Kylie’s Fan:
And here’s one more look at the front of the house.  🙂

Have a blessed day!