Is that a word?  Transplantation?  Let me go look it up.

*Insert cheesy hold music here*

Yep!  It is indeed a word!

Anywho…  The other day, the kids and I transplanted several flowers b/c they were just getting too big for their britches.  I didn’t get a chance to take a pic of the kids helping me out b/c my hands were covered in dirt!

We also moved all of the plants to the backyard b/c they desperately needed sun and weren’t getting enough in the porch.  I’m really hoping and praying these plants will hold out until we move.  I don’t want them to die on me!

Here are our cucumbers.  I really really hope they’ll do okay all bunched together in one smallish tub like this…  I didn’t have anywhere else to put them and they desperately needed more room than they had in those little starter trays.  

Here are the plants that haven’t been transplanted yet.  They still have some time, I think before I need to move them.  I’m hoping they’ll just wait until we move and I can just stick them in the ground when we get there.  Please hold out for me!

And here we have the transplanted plants.  We moved the sunflowers, zinnias, lupines and sweet peas on over to bigger homes yesterday.  I hope they do well and will transplant one more time when we move!
Happy gardenin’, y’all!