I like to make checklists.  Why?  Because I LOVE to cross things off as I get them done.  DUH!  😉

We’re hoping to close on this house around the 28th of May.  That means we’ll start moving our stuff in the house on the 28th/29th.  That’s in about 39 days.  I have a LOT to get done between now and then.  So I’m going to start a checklist so I can start workin on getting this house ready to move.

I’ll start with what I want to get packed right now and then the next post (tomorrow) will be stuff that needs to be cleaned.

Here’s to moving!

Appliances and bakeware that I don’t use regularly.

Living Room
Video games (except one or two that Jason plays pretty regularly)
Movies (except a couple)
Pictures off the walls
Any game consoles that we don’t need out right now
Take down curtains and curtain rods

Dining Room
Pack the stuff on the shelves except for what I absolutely have to have for school.
Pack anything on the computer desk or under it that is not needed right now.

Hallway/Laundry Room
Past years school binders
Anything up in the shelves above the washer and dryer
Pictures off the walls
Hall closet w/ cookbooks and such

Zachary’s Bedroom
Most of the toys
Anything extra that doesn’t need to be out right now

Kylie’s Bedroom
Most of the toys
Anything extra that doesn’t need to be out right now
I’d like to get her kabillion stuffed animals in a garbage bag or two…. no need to waste boxes on those.

Connor’s Bedroom
I think he already got most of it packed.  But I’ll double check and pack anything that needs to be packed now.

Master Bedroom Walk-In Closet
Anything on the shelves
Clothes that we don’t wear regularly

Master Bedroom
Clean off dressers and pack whatever is on them
Pack shoes
Pack whatever is under the sinks in the bathroom

Master Bedroom Regular Closet
Pack books
Pack whatever’s on the shelf up top
The rest is Jason’s Marine Corps stuff.  Most of it’s either in bins or his seabag.

Pack up the camp gear that’s thrown about
Clean up turkey fryer stuff and prepare that

Well, I think that’s about it for right now.  I’m going to print off this list, too, so I can keep it nearby and when I cross off everything in a room, I’ll come back here and update!

Let’s get movin!