And it’s time to start gardening!  YAY!  I’m seriously so thrilled to start growing flowers and some vegetables.  
Today, the kids and I started our seeds.  We have twelve different flowers and three kinds of vegetables.  They had a blast!  Unfortunately though, my hands were dirty and I couldn’t snap any shots with the kids.  But I did get some later of our work!  🙂
I just can’t wait until they start sprouting and blooming so we can plant them in the yard! 

Here we have sweet peas, Canterbury bells and snapdragons.
Johnny jump ups, rock soapworts, butterfly flowers, and lupines.
Spreading petunias, poppies and snow in summer.
The kids are doing zinnias, tomatoes, sunflowers, cucumbers and green beans.  The empty tray is for green beans.  We didn’t realize we had to soak them in warm water overnight… so we’ll do those tomorrow!

The kids and I are so excited to get these going and we can’t wait for them to bloom!  Hurray for spring!!!