Coffee with Me - Blog Trail Tuesday

Every Tuesday, my friend Melissa hosts Blog Trail Tuesday.  I haven’t participated yet, but I thought I’d give it a shot today.

I actually got the idea to blog about Brittanie’s blog, “Fit Tips From Fit Britt” while I was talking to her today on Facebook Chat.  She and I went to school together from 7th grade through 12th.  Anyway – I’m glad she started talkin’ to me and inadvertently giving me the idea to blog about her!

What I like about her blog is that it’s not about judgment.  She is simply out there to help!  And what I think is an added bonus, is that she’s actually educated in fitness and nutrition.  Go figure!  😉

I haven’t visited her blog in a while, but I do know she has a lot of great information out there and has plans to continue at it.  I also know that she has a lot of ideas in her head on how she wants to enhance her blog, so it may be a little while before she has everything on there that she wants.

In the meantime, go check it out!  See how you can benefit from the great tips she already has listed!

And don’t forget to head on over to Melissa’s blog to read other Blog Trail Tuesday posts as well as her’s!