Coffee with Me Thursday Tips

Well, it’s that time!  What time, you ask?  Thursday tip time!  And boy oh boy do I have a tip for you!

Want your house cleaned up?  Want it done FAST!?  Here’s how you get it done.

Step 1:  Go to bed at 2 am.
Step 2:  Wake up at 8 am, barely, to your husband calling asking for something that he decides to get himself.
Step 3:  Crawl out of bed slowly and quickly remember you’re having company over that night at around six.
Step 4:  Speed around the house like you’re on fire to get it cleaned up.  (Don’t forget to get the kids involved!)
Step 5:  Lay down to take a nap for about an hour.
Step 6:  Sit down and blog your wondrous and magnificent idea for Thursday Tips.
Step 7:  Realize you still have to clean the bathroom, make apple pie, put dinner together, take a shower, run to the commissary, and try to finish off whatever you have left over – all at about 3 pm.
Step 8:  Enjoy your clean house AND your company.

Voila!  Hope this was helpful to you! 😉