So this week, we’re going to talk about chores.  My kids have them.  And where you might think it looks like a lot (as they’re each responsible for their own rooms and one room of the house), it’s really not.  Some of their chores are super easy and take less than 5 minutes.  Some may take 30 minutes.  But don’t you worry, I still have plenty on my plate. 😉

We needed a good way to keep track of the chores the kids have and also keeping track of what was getting done.  For a while, we were paying the kids allowances and taking away from the allowances when they weren’t properly doing their chores or completing them altogether.  No tomatoes please.  It was a decision between my husband and I, and it’s not up for discussion.  Love you, readers!  So anyway, this was a good way of keeping track of what money they lost and, potentially, what money they’d earned back.

What we do is create a chart for each kid.  At the top is their name.  Underneath, are the days of the week and to the left is each chore.  As each day goes by, we check each chore area to ensure they did it and they either get a check or subtraction of some money.  At the present time, they’re not getting allowance so we’re just checking and “X”-ing.

I can’t tell you enough how much this has helped us keep track of what they’re doing!  I love it!  And THEY love seeing things get checked off, usually.  🙂

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