Do you know what time?

Well, let me help you out.

It’s almost Easter.

And a certain little girlie of mine is going to need an Easter dress.


So I’ve been planning on what dress to make the little Tawna Jr.  I’m so excited!  Yesterday I went and bought fabric for her Easter dress and then just another dress to hang in her closet.

I also bought 2 different flannels for the boys to have new pajama pants.  They’re going to be so thrilled!

And guess what?  I was able to scratch off a thing or two on my little list to the right LEFT!  YAY!

So without further adieu, here are some pictures of my upcoming sewing projects!

This will make Kylie’s Easter dress.  It’s hard to see, I know… but that pink dress up at the top?  That’s the one I’m making for her.  🙂  It’s similar to the ‘real life’ one in peach.  Just without the lace.  🙂

This is just going to be the start of Kylie’s spring and summer dresses.  See that white dress w/ the green?  That’s what I’m making.  The flower material will be the main material and the striped is the contrast.  Yes, it’ll be an interesting dress, to say the least.  Ha ha ha!
And here’s the fabric I’m using for the boys’ pajama pants.  The one on the left is for Zachary and the plaid is for Connor.  I hope they like it! 🙂