And now it’s time to talk!

So this week was a busy one.

Monday night, we had a good friend (and her kids) over for dinner.  Remember THIS?  Yes?  Well it was her mama and siblings.  We always enjoy having them over.  And Delaney stuck to Jason like glue yet again.

Letty and I left to head on over to another friend’s house (from church) for a meeting about the ladies’ ministry that is trying to start.  It was quite successful, I think.  We’re starting a Bible study on Monday nights.  Well, the first Monday of each month will be a big fellowship get together at the church and then the rest of the Mondays of the month, we’ll meet at a friend’s house for a Bible study.  I’m excited!!  I can’t wait to dig into God’s Word and have that fellowship with other women.  It’ll be great!

Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty low key but then yesterday we went and had dinner at our Pastor’s house.  I just love them.  We always have so much fun.  We laughed a lot last night.  Lots of good, funny stories that I don’t think I could forget if I wanted to!  Ha!

I’m especially excited about tonight.  We’re going to another friend’s house (from church) for a new small group that is starting up.  We’re going to begin studying the book, Shepherding a Child’s Heart.  I don’t think Jason and I are bad parents, but you know, everyone needs work.  I’m excited to learn new ways to help our children grow.  So anyway, we’ll meet early at the E’s house, have some pizza, fellowship, get to know each other and dig in!  Doesn’t it sound great!?!?!

Oh and I almost forgot!!!  We’re having some good friends over tomorrow!!!  I love having company!!

The school week was incredibly successful.  We learned so much this week and I’m finding that I can’t wait for the next day to dig more into our History, Science, Bible, etc.  The kids are especially excited!  They love all the ‘extras’ we do aside from math, grammar and spelling.  And to make this school week even BETTER, we got our boxes of books for next year!  We all cheered!  (See HERE.)

We’ve just had an overall good week.   I hope when we get back from New York City on the 21st, we can start to keep our weeks similarly busy.  I like having things to look forward to.  I enjoy hosting company and being hosted as company.  And really, in the end, it’ll give me a reason to complete my Company Girl challenges, yes?  I’ll have to keep my house clean every day! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, Ladies!  I hope y’all have a blessed weekend!!!