Well good morning everyone!  Here I am, awake and ready to take on the day!
This morning I’m going to do my very first 
I’m excited!

So the last couple days, I’ve been focusing on menu planning.  I love menu planning.  I love keeping my recipes organized and making my grocery trips quick, easy and successful. 

Yesterday was actually new for me.  I have never planned a full months worth of meals before.  That was actually fun, and I’ll continue doing it.  🙂

Today, I’m going to tell you what works for me.  
I have a kitchen binder.  
I know, it’s nothing spectacular.  But it’s mine and I love it.
In my kitchen binder, I have my dividers.  They are divided by meats, then I have sides, breads, desserts and ‘other’ for all that stuff that doesn’t really fit into a category.  Or maybe I just don’t have enough recipes w/ that main ingredient to justify a whole divider for that.  Understand?
At the beginning of each section are 2-3 sheets of baseball card holders.  For each recipe, you write on an index card (that’s cut down to fit in the baseball card pocket) all of the ingredients necessary for that particular recipe.  And voila!  You’ve already just made menu planning a cinch!
So then I got page protectors.  Each recipe goes into a page protector and is alphabetized in its section.  So now all of my recipes are all in one place.  WOO HOO!
I don’t know if these pictures will help – but here you go!  Having a kitchen binder has SAVED me from having to spend HOURS upon HOURS of planning my meals every payday.  I hope this helps you too! 🙂
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Oh I should add!  Stay tuned for next week when I wrap this up and post how this binder makes it easier for grocery planning!