I think I’ve mentioned before that I joined on with a bunch of ladies over at Home Sanctuary to better my housewifing skills.  I’ve been pretty inconsistent with her daily small things.  Sometimes it’s just something that doesn’t need to be done in my home, sometimes it’s because I forgot to look at her blog and sometimes I just get lazy.  But I try to keep up and have earned a few points… 🙂

Yesterday’s small thing was to come up with a monthly menu plan.  She actually gave everyone until Wednesday to complete it.  WOO HOO because I just got it done a little bit ago.  You know what’s nice about this menu plan I created?  Well, we’re going on vacation a week from today.  We’ll get home on Sunday the 21st and I’ll have to grocery shop first thing on the 22nd.  I’ll already have my menu AND grocery list all ready for me to use.  YAY!  I’m so excited about that!!!

So – I know you saw this week’s plan already – just look passed that and move on to the rest of the month’s.  I’m so happy to have this done!  🙂