I love coffee.  Seriously love it.  I almost bought a Keurig like my friend Melissa, because whatever she does, I do.  Okay not really.  Maybe a little bit.  Anyway – I decided against it for two reasons.  1. My husband wasn’t really keen on getting a Keurig. 

Him:  “It only makes one cup at a time!” 
Me:  “But they brew IN UNDER A MINUTE!!!”
Him:  “But it only makes one cup at a time!”

Sigh, so I’m not getting one.  But you know, that’s fine.  I like grinding coffee, cleaning out the filter basket, filling the pot with water and dumping in the water thingy.  No big deal, right?  Right.  So number 2 is that I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted an iPhone – and I GOT ONE!  Isn’t my husband the greatest!  I just love him.  Even if he thinks the Keurig is a waste of money!  Ha ha ha.  (Disclaimer – I’m not husband bashing.  I love my husband dearly and am truly okay with not purchasing a Keurig.  All of this was said in good fun. – End Disclaimer.)
So anyway – I got an iPhone!  Love. It.  LOVE IT!

Next up is Photoshop Elements.  Bwahahahaha!

So here I am on Coffee Talk Day or whatever it’s called wondering what to talk about.  Our week was pretty mundane – filled with cleaning, schooling, etc.  Nothing spectacular.  And then yesterday, we received our tax refund.

I know that’s early for a lot of folks.  But when you are a single income family and your husband is in the Marine Corps (which translates to the W-2 being easily receivable and receiving that fairly early), you get your tax refund really early.  We also don’t have any itemized deductions.  We have some of the simplest taxes to prepare!

So anyway – what that means is, we’re able to pay off three credit accounts, buy new clothing, buy an iPhone, go to NYC on vacation in about 2 weeks, buy an iPhone, buy next year’s homeschool books, buy an iPhone… and did I mention buying an iPhone?  No?  Oh, well we bought me an iPhone.

I love this time of year.

So if you tend to get a decent amount of a tax refund, what do you generally spend it on?