For the most part, I no longer consider myself a packrat.  I’ve actually gotten pretty good at getting rid of things we just. don’t. need.

When it comes to our school stuff, though, I just have to keep it.  I tried throwing it away.  Oh the guilt.  It was unbelievable.  So I keep the kids’ work.

You know, sometimes I get lazy and their papers pile up before I put them in their appropriate binders…

It happens.  Sometimes life gets in the way OR I just don’t feel like putting papers where they go.

Anyway, each binder tends to look like this:
Each binder has a divider for each subject.  Everything goes in order in its own divided area.  I love it.  🙂
And you know?  When we moved into this house and before I got the old binders put away, the kids actually enjoyed looking through their old work!  They thought it was fun!
I guess the way I look at it – is that I’m their teacher.  That’s unusual for your mom to teach you from kindergarten through 12th grade.  It just is.  I want to always have this ‘proof’, so to speak, that I taught my kids everything they know (by the grace of God).  Does that make any sense to you?  It’s not really a hassle for me to use my three ring hole puncher and put the work away.
So anyway – above my washer and dryer are these cubby-type shelves.  They are PERFECT for storing old binders, for the time being.  Eventually, I’ll get bins to store them.  🙂