I just love butterflies, don’t you?  They’re just so PRETTY and GRACEFUL!  I love them.

Anyway – Kylie got a butterfly garden for Christmas this year.  She was SOOOOO super excited!

We got the larvae on January 11th, 2010.  When they got here, they looked like this:

Can I just say, these buggers grow unbelievably fast?  Here’s a little picture story of their growth ;-):

January 16th:
January 18th:
January 21st:

And now, all of the caterpillars are in their cocoons/chrysallids and we’re just waiting for them to emerge as butterflies!  Kylie is so tickled pink and is overwhelmed with excitement.  Here’s the last pic – it’s of the caterpillars in their cocoons after we moved them from the jar to the butterfly garden thing: