But if you don’t mind, I’d still love to share a blog with you. 😉

So this morning, I was reading at Melissa’s blog and noticed a button for Top Mommy Blogs.  (Which I just joined by the way and am LOVING the plethora of blogs on there…)  Anyhoo, I came across this super awesome blog:  The Original Homeschool Toolbar
Okay seriously?  HOW COOL IS THAT!?!?!?!  I clicked on a link somewhere and it took me to the main page to download this toolbar and I’m L.O.V.I.N.’ IT!  Oh my goodness!  Go here:  The Homeschool Bar and check it out.  It’s pretty stinkin cool.
You can customize this bar to your preferences.  I have the search box on here – though I very rarely use the search tool bar.  I always just type in www.google.com.  Anyway – I also have this thing that shows me the next holiday and different craft and recipe sites to go to for help in celebrating that holiday.  Cool, yes?  Yes.  It has the top homeschooling sites, homeschool blogs, homeschool feeds, games for kids, educational sties for kids… So. Much! 
Seriously.  Go there.  Download.  Now.  🙂  Ha ha ha.  Come back and tell me what you think!  Please?  😉