Free Online Book Club to Swap, Trade & Exchange Books.

So I recently started up with this Paperback Swap thing. My friend Melissa has been doing this for some time. I actually created an account forever ago, but didn’t take the time to actually sit down and list books. L.a.z.y. I know. So, I did today. Wow. Half of the books I want are available and I’ve already ‘sold’ half of my books.

The way it works: 1 credit equals 1 book. So, you have to actually swap some of your books first, to get credits. And you pay shipping. But you utilize media mail at the USPS and it’s super cheap. Under like $3. That’s all you pay! And don’t worry – when you request a book, you won’t have to pay shipping. The book owner does. So it’s a give and take relationship. Not just give. 😉

Now, I realize there are a ton of books we all want to keep. Getting my husband to swap a book is like pulling his teeth out, one by one. He LOVES his books. He doesn’t want to part with them. I don’t think he owns a single book that he doesn’t just L.O.V.E.

But you know, there has to be SOME book(s) that you just don’t need or ever read. Conversely, there are also books I’m SURE you’re dying to read! You don’t have to send them back! Keep it if you want. But – what a fun way that’s semi-free – to get and give books! Try it sometime! Let me know what you think!

Off to take my banana bread out of the oven!

Oh and hey – do me a favor?  When it asks who referred you, please use my nickname, “tawnamarie.”  I’d greatly appreciate it!  Don’t worry, you’ll have the opportunity to refer others, too! 🙂