The Baker’s had some special plans for the Jacobs family. NERF WAR! The original plan was to get up super early – like 6 am – and go out to the church parking lot next door and have a war. Uh so yeah. We got a late start. First we had to make breakfast.
Oh my, these pictures crack me up.  Mandy came down to start breakfast – pancakes and sausage.  Leon came down and said, “MANDY! The looks of your pancakes PAIN me!  They look like flat McDonald’s pancakes!”  Mandy’s like, “Whatever, my pancakes look good.”  Leon took over.  See that last picture?  Leon burnt the pancakes.  HA HA HA HA!
Unfortunately, I didn’t get a whole lot of pictures from the war on my camera.  I do have some pictures that Mandy gave me but I haven’t uploaded them to photobucket yet.  So this is what you get!  Don’t worry – there are more pictures!
That night, we played our own version of Pictionary w/ the families as opposing teams.  Mandy and I made up cards for the other family to draw.  So – me being the nice person I am, did super easy words so the kids could guess and get some right too.  Mandy, on the other hand?  She made like super hard words for the adults to guess.  Sigh.  But let me tell you – we had SUCH a blast together!  I know we can’t wait to play that again!
And last but not least, the adults played Clue once the kiddos were in bed.  I won twice and Mandy won once.