So my dear friend, Melissa, is starting a weekly theme thingy.  Meme, maybe?  Lol.  (What does meme even mean!?!?)  Anyway, so the idea is, “to challenge you to click on a blog in your blogroll and choose a new blog to check out.  Then post about that blog.  And after you post about the blog, come back here and share the link below.  Not your blog link, but the link to the post about the new blog you’ve discovered.
I stumbled across Ashley’s blog when looking through Melissa’s Bloglines list.  LOL!  This last Saturday, Ashley posted a huge list of books that she’d like to read in 2010.  Last year she read 54 books!  Can you imagine?  Well, maybe you can.  But I can’t.  And like her, I’d like to read more.  I don’t read near enough – well I don’t really read ever.  So I’m going to take note of the books she has listed and see what I can’t complete this year. 🙂  I’m not striving for near as many as she is – but if I were to finish one book every 2-3 weeks, I’d be happy with that. 
Thank you, Ashley, for your wonderful post!  If you don’t mind, I’d like to add you to my Google Reader. 😉
Happy blogging everyone!