Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you had a GREAT one!  We SO had a fabulous New Year this year.  We drove down to Raleigh, NC to visit with some friends and bring in the New Year.  Oh my goodness – we had a BLAST!  

Mandy and I made SO MUCH FOOD!  That night when Leon got home, the adults played Monopoly.  Oy.  Let me tell you.  Leon don’t mess around when it comes to Monopoly.  He was a riot.  It pains me to look back on the ruthlessness.

So we ate, played Monopoly and went to bed super late.  Ahh, what a good night.  🙂

The funny part about the Monopoly game is that Jason didn’t want to play.  He started the game off saying, “I’m going to spend all of my money so that I can get out of the game quickly.”  Dude won the game.  What. Ever.