I can’t believe he’s 31 (as of December 16)!  Where has the time gone??  I wonder if I have any pictures of him around here from when he was just 21…  Well, I can’t find any right now but if I do – I’ll be back ASAP to post them!  🙂

He did have to work on his birthday but never to fear!  We had presents and cake lateer!  Okay I know that’s not a word – but I needed it to rhyme!!!

Jason’s gifts from me and the kiddos and his cake 🙂

The kids got him a Star Wars Book – The Dark Nest 1 (?)
I got Jason a compilation of C.S. Lewis Books – He was thrilled!  Oh and that’s the 2nd Transformer movie too.  🙂

Jason with his presents… isn’t he hot?  Aaaah.

Happy 31st Birthday, Jason!