… Where has the time gone??  I just have no idea.  One day I’m in the hospital having this beautiful little baby girl; the next day I have this cute, four-eyed, unbelievably intelligent 7 year old.

She is so quirky, that Kylie of mine.  I have never seen a weirder child.  Seriously.  But she’s so loving.  She wants to sit on your lap and play with your hand for hours.  She wants hugs and kisses every second of the day.  She says, “I love you” about 1 billion times a day!  She is SO eager to learn new things.  She’d be done w/ second grade already if I let her!  Ha ha ha!  She just loves to help and have a good time!  

Her favorite toy to play with right now is the Littlest Petshop.  My goodness, that girl could play that for HOURS.

So we celebrated her birthday on Thanksgiving at my dad’s house.  Dad and Kate bought her an ice cream cake – that she LOVED – and we had pumpkin and apple pies.  She was spoiled rotten by everyone with gifts!  I’d say she had a good time!  Here are some pictures! 🙂

She got lots of stuff like Littlest Pet Shop, a tiara she’s been wanting for MONTHS, new books… She had a GREAT birthday!

I love you, Kylie-Bug!