This year we celebrated our Thanksgiving with my family – my dad, stepmom – Kate, sisters Bekah and Sarah, brother in law Chris and stepbrother – Ben.  We had a great time.  I just LOVE Thanksgiving!  There’s not a whole lot to say about it – so I’m just going to share some pictures!  Enjoy!

Kylie w/ my dad's dog Bailey.

Dad in the kitchen... doin what he does best! 🙂

Jason drinkin some kind of fancy beer my dad buys.

Starting from the bottom left corner: Kate, Ben, Connor, Kylie, and Zachary.

My Dad and I cooking 🙂

Chris and Bekah on the couch and Ben on the floor.

My hunka hunka burnin' love... Uh-uh huh!

The Zachary-meister. Okay, I never actually call him that... ha ha