Well, we have a lot going on in the next few weeks.  This weekend, my dad is taking the kids and Jason and I are heading to Myrtle Beach for the weekend.  I’m so excited!  His Marine Corps Ball is down there.  I’m not going to that, but he is.  Well, just the ceremony part.  Then we’ll both go out to dinner and hang out in our AWESOME hotel I booked.  It’ll definitely be a fantastic and romantic getaway.  🙂

Then there’s next week.  On Thursday, we’ll get the keys to our ‘new’ house.  Our base neighborhood has been getting remodeled for a while and our names have finally come up for a remodeled home.  I’m excited but exhausted thinking about it.  This will be our third move in one and a half years.  Sigh…  Thankfully, the Marine Corps is footing the bill this time and providing movers to pack, load and unload everything.  Supposedly, it’ll only take 1 day.  We’ll see.  So, they’ll come on the 13th, pack, load and unload at our new house.  It kind of works out nice because then we’ll have the weekend to unpack and get completely settled… hopefully.

About 2 weeks later on Wednesday, we’re hoping to host a Thanksgiving dinner for Jason’s shop of 50 at our house.  I’m definitely excited.  We’ve been here for almost a year and I have yet to meet anyone Jason works with or their families.  So I’m hoping I can plan properly and fit 50+ people in my home!

After all of that, we’ll have Thanksgiving at my dad’s, Kylie’s 7th birthday, mine and Jason’s 10th anniversary, Jason’s 31st birthday, Christmas (probably at my dad’s), New Year’s then Connor’s 11th birthday.  Wowza.  This is an incredibly busy time of year for our family!

I hope y’all have had and will have a great first week of November!