My kids say some funny stuff.  I’m tellin’ you what.

A couple of weeks ago, the kids somehow learned (cough, it wasn’t, cough, me, HACK!) the phrase, “Cut the cheese.”   It’s become an obsession for them.  Furthermore, they felt it absolutely necessary to create a phrase for burping.  From now on when they burp, they are now, “Cutting the tomato.”

The other day, Kylie was doing sentence combining for grammar.  The two sentences she had to combine were, “My shirt is torn.” and “My shirt is red.”  So yeah, she brings me her paper and it has, “My shirt is torn and my sh*t is red.”  YIKES!  Thank goodness I know without a doubt that she just inadvertantly forgot the ‘r’ ……  And yes, don’t worry, she had to fine tune her sentence combining skills and fix that sentence as it wasn’t right anyway.

For the last 2 weeks or so, Kylie’s been looking for her lost purse.  It’s been terrible for her to be without it.  Today she tells me after exhausting all possibilities, “Mom?  When I find my purse, I’m not going to be very happy about it.”  Um, okay?

And that’s all for today’s episode of kids say (and do) the darndest things!  🙂