First, and most importantly, I made The. Best. Cake. Ever. a couple days ago.


Oh me, oh my, it’s like biting into heaven.  Yes indeedy.

Secondly, I’d like to just briefly advertise (you know, b/c I have SO MANY readers…) the blogs of two friends of mine from high school that I’ve begun to frequent….  Though, they just started them, so I can’t have frequented them for too long.  Ha ha ha.   Anyhoo, Fit Britt, Environtmental Mama and I all went to school together from like the 8th grade up.  I definitely look forward to more posts from them.  In the meantime, check ’em out!  You never know… you might actually LEARN something. 😉  Oh, and um Britt?  Do me a favor, hon.  Please completely disregard that cake up there.  It’s just a figment of your imagination.  I promise.  Ha!

Ta ta for now! 🙂