So ten years ago today, my husband and I formed a romantic relationship.  That sounds kinda goofy but oh well.  Anyway.  Ten years ago today, my husband moved into a house w/ two other Marines (whom I was friends with) to rent together.  They were just tired of living in the barracks so decided to go in on a three bedroom home and split the costs.

J and P had already moved in at that point – so the day my Jason was moving in, I was already there hanging out w/ J, P, and some other friends.  When my unsociable husband finished bringing his belongings in, he went to his room and just stayed there by himself while the rest of us hung out and talked in the living room watching something on TV.

So me in all my flirtatious glory, went back to his bedroom and begged and pleaded with him to come hang out with the rest of us.  It took me a while, but I finally won.  That night, we talked for HOURS about everything.  I don’t even remember what exactly we talked about – we just talked.  I just looked in his eyes and was instantly in love with him.

6 months and 2 days later, we were married at the Justice of the Peace.  It wasn’t a big ritzy, glamorous ceremony.  But it was just right for Jason and I.  I love him more now than I did the day we married.

As for the title – well whenever anyone asks how we met, he says, “She came w/ the house.”  LOL!

I love you, Baby!